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Thread: Need help with Iframe

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    Need help with Iframe

    Hi all,
    I need suggestions with iframe. I have two pages page1 and page 2. Page1 has a link and page two has iframe. I am trying to open a pdf file in iframe when clicking link on page1. Any suggestions on how to do it?


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    This should work...

    Page 1:

    <a href="URL TO PAGE 2">PAGE 2</a>
    Page 2:
    <iframe height="SET HEIGHT" width="SET WIDTH" src="PATH TO YOUR PDF DOCUMENT"></iframe>
    Not sure what else is on, or going to be on, Page 1 but include link to your Page 2.
    On Page 2 set your path to your pdf in the src then set your height and width as you want them. There are other iframe attributes you can set: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_iframe.asp
    when Page 2 opens the pdf should be displayed if the path is correct.

    Hope this helps.

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