Hello! I am a 17 year old student, working on some IT-project at school. I'm not very experienced, though IT is my hobby... I said that, since I want as simple replies as possible, not like hardcore high leveled developers replies!
So, I'm 100% new to this forum, but wanted to join, simply because I'll need much help now, which I can't really get from my teacher.

Now, to the real topic:
I'm currently making a webiste (in norwegian) where one can vote to what one think is the best product (for example...)
As I don't have the whole IT vocabulary, I'm gonna have to explain what I mean in a.... N00bish way.
Heres the complete idea: I want to make the voting-part as automatic as possible. I want the user/client/whatever to just click on a picture to vote. Then the vote will be magically registered (with the clients IP as primary key???), and the client will be redirected to the main page/or the rusults page.

This is my idea, but I really need help to make it work. None of my books have anything near this to help me, nor do I know what to search for in google.
Sorry for a long and depressive post, but I hope some people can take the time and try understanding what I meant, and then lead me to the right direction