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Thread: Multiple boxes for download selection

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    Question Multiple boxes for download selection

    I want to have a download page on my website that asks the user which operating system and language he has and then gives the download link based on the user selection.

    For example, I want a download page like NVIDIA driver download page: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us

    How can I do that? Can you please help?


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    This can be done a variety of ways:

    1. The simplest is to use links to separate pages per o/s and language. They can be styled to look like one page. Or...

    2. You can use links to load the respective o/s and language sub-pages into an Iframe. This avoids duplicating the page structure and menus etc. on multiple pages.

    3. You can use PHP or JavaScript to produce a truly dynamic page, drawing the info from arrays . With PHP you can also use include files to minimise the page maintenance.

    4. You can go the whole hog and use PHP and SQL to set up and use a database of info.

    My advice would be to start simple, and incorporate more advanced features as your knowledge grows.

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