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Thread: Calling parts of XML file to display on html page

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    Calling parts of XML file to display on html page

    I have a webpage that displays rates (auto loan rates, home equity rates, savings rates, etc.).

    I have an XML file that contains all of the rates.

    In my html page, I would like to call certain rates from the XML file. For example, in the Auto Loan section of the webpage, for 2013-2011 Auto Loans, I would like the call this one specific Auto Loan rate from the XML file and display it in this section.

    Here's another example, for the Savings rates section, next to where it says Money Market, I would like to display only the Money Market rate from the XML file.

    I do NOT want to just display the entire XML feed at once. I've found JQuery scripts that do this, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for.

    I just want to call certain tags from the XML file and display them on not only the rates page, but various other pages on the site.

    I'm assuming a good way to handle this would be JQuery since it's client-side and since this is just feeding into a static HTML page that is not database driven.

    I'm looking for suggestions and for someone to point me in the right direction of what I should do.

    I appreciate the assistance.


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    jQuery is not very good at handling XML. nothing really is. you pretty much have to use ugly long-winded dom statements to drill into the node you want, and then retrieve node values one at a time.
    a few helper functions can cut down the trepidation, but you won't have anything close to the awesome jQuery CSS selectors that we use in HTML documents.
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    rnd me - Thank you for the reply. From some Google searches, I agree. It seems like you have to use a lot of code to do this and even then I can't find anything even remotely close to what I'm trying to do. Thanks again for the reply!

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