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Thread: who will solve this

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    who will solve this

    i am working on this but
    i post this somewhere but no one know how we can make this . its not so complicated.

    let's see if some one resolve this.

    i want to make a dynamic page, to embed multiple videos (dailymotion,youtube,etc) i want to make a page that when we put video id of the site it detects the video .
    some where i read that i can do this with api , or swfobject.js

    here is demo:

    this site has a pre-embed player here :http://veedio.info/dailymotion.php

    only what if we want to embed a video just change the id of the video in the end of the url


    would you please give me the solution:

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    First you have to understand that most sites generate revenue through ads. With that in mind, just changing the ID in the url will take you to the full page of the site with the video in it so that you get the ads. To bypass this many sites offer an API that you register for so that you get a secure code that your site can request content from their site...sometimes these registrations are free, other times they are paid (after all, if you are not earning them revenue through ads, they may want to make that up).

    This is why they have the API so that your script can get only the content you want, rather than the whole page...there may be other ways to do it, but if the host offers an API, that will be the easiest way for you to get what you are looking for.
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