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Thread: What's the pros/cons of developing PHP and/or your Web site in WAMP SERVER VS just a

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    What's the pros/cons of developing PHP and/or your Web site in WAMP SERVER VS just a

    I'm trying to figure out why anyone would develop on WAMPSERVER when you can simply create another test directly on the actual site and develop like that? like if I am developing for john.com, why can't I just develop and test everything on john.com/test then copy the ready files back to the main site without ever having to worry about WAMP????

    This is a real mystery for me.

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    Nothing wrong with it. Sometimes people create version directories and then just create a script on the index page redirecting to the current version. This way you only need to update the current version number and can easily revert.

    The reasons you may want to develop on a separate server is in prep for upgrading PHP versions, OS versions, etc. Also if your script have access to the root file system where they are performing delete operations for example. You would never want to run untested database creation scripts, or the like on a live server because sometimes the computer would do exactly what you ask it to

    But I am the same way...my software revisions are usually done on the same server. It's way too much hassle to maintain another server unless I am setting up the new server to host the new version.

    Of course, my philosophy is also based off the fact that I own and host my own servers so I just connect to the directories locally over the Lan.
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