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Thread: font-family - Alternative font showing as bold in Notepad++

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    font-family - Alternative font showing as bold in Notepad++

    I'm not sure why this is happening or if it means anything is wrong.
    But when ever I add an alternative font without quotes, it shows as bold in Nodpad++
    I'm pretty sure you have to enclose font names that have spaces with single or double quotes. But why is the last Arial font showing as bold?

    All the fonts are separated with commas:
    td {font-family: "Name1", "Name Two", Name3;}
    Note: the only reason I put Name1 in double quotes is because my book shows the first font name as having double quotes, then all the rest follow the standard string rules.

    Screenshot here

    By the way, is there a better way to test if all your alternate fonts are working, .. other than uninstalling fonts from the system to see of the alternate fonts actually kick in?

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    Ignore the bolding in Notepad++. It looks like a bug in the parser to me that considers the font names enclosed in quotes to be invalid.

    You can always test by removing individual font names from the CSS setting and note the change (if any) in a browser. If your CSS is valid, that would be sufficient. Just validate your CSS with the W3C CSS Validator at http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/
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    I see, Could be a bug. Because I just tested and all the fonts work.
    I found that I was able to just drag each font out of the windows-font's folder and it forced the page to use the alternate fonts as I refreshed the page for each test. So they do work

    Them Validaters are pretty cool. It found one issue, where I accidentally added an equal sign after the charset in the encoding:
    @charset="utf8"; ..fixed, now reads @charset "utf8";
    Now it says "This document validates as CSS level 3 ! ". So that's cool. Not that I'm making anything at the moment, just experimenting.

    thanks for the feedback rtrethewey. Much appreciated!
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