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    File upload

    Would someone be able to tell the easiest way to upload an image file to a server?

    I have a form created with HTML and javascript with some text boxes and a file input type for uploading a file. When i click the submit button it sends the data to an aspx file which adds it to a database on the server. The filename for the image is stored in the database, but i also want to upload the image to a file on the server. How would i go about that?

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    That sounds like an asp.net question, not JavaScript.

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    Well since the button to choose the file is located in the javascript code and since javascript lists the path as C:\fakepath\filename it kind of poses a problem for passing the upload to an aspx file even if i knew how to do it...

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    Are you using AJAX to upload the file, or a regular form that submits to an ASP page?
    If AJAX:
    There is a ninja technique in order to do this, it is not intuitive. I won't get into it unless necessary.

    If form:
    The "action" attribute tells the form where to upload the file to. The "enctype" attribute can be used to upload a file by putting "multipart/form-data" as the value. Example:
    <form method="post" action="/path/to/file.aspx" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    <input type="file" name="file">
    Change "/path/to/file.aspx" to your asp program that uploads files. You can put other data in this form, too- not just files. I don't know how to actually write the ASP code for uploading but I'm sure googling "ASP.net upload file" will tell you everything you need, including repeating what I just said about the form.

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    files are not a post param, they are in a different collection.
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