I am trying to make a site where you can navigate the internet such as hidemyass.com but, something that dosent have to do with proxy or actually hiding on the internet. What i need to accomplish is www.mywebsite.com/etc,etc,ect and once your there on the actual page a way to surf such as the website i provided above.

Now you might be asking why in the world would you want to do something so stupid? Well simple my family lives in Cuba and they are stuck on the Intranet which thank god they at least have access to. Now the intranet they have is designed for doctors only so the access to the internet is locked to a list of medical websites which they can access and nothing else. Now I found that if you type /?www.CSIC.es/cbic/. after entering almost any url it usually works but you cant click on any tabs or do anything because you have to again type /?www.CSIC.es/cbic/. after the link So, it gets frustrating and hard for me to explain to them how to do this. So I tried using sites like hidemyass.com/?www.CSIC.es/cbic/. but, it wont work the network detects its a proxy site. But, I'm banking that if I were to make a page on some foreign non US server it would probabley work and then they could use the surf bar on the page to navigate the internet to simeple things like AIM express so I could save on the $1.00 per minute calls we make to each other.

Any help would be appreciated.