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Thread: Drop-down menu/list form not working on IE

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    Drop-down menu/list form not working on IE


    I have a drop down menu/list that doesn't work on IE, but works on Firefox and Opera, which is mind boggling. When I go to Select a branch: on the Hours & Locations tab, the menu disappear. Here's my link to the website. This is the code/script I'm using. I appreaciate any help!

    <form action="../">
    <select onchange="window.open(this.options[this.selectedIndex].value,'_top')">
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/hours-locations">Select a branch:</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/alamosa">Alamosa Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/cherryhills">Cherry Hills Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/eastmountain">East Mountain Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/ernafergusson">Erna Fergusson Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/erniepyle">Ernie Pyle Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/juantabo">Juan Tabo Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/lomastramway">Lomas Tramway Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/losgriegos">Los Griegos Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/mainlibrary">Main Library (Downtown)</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/northvalley">North Valley Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/sanpedro">San Pedro Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/southbroadway">South Broadway Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/southvalley">South Valley Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/specialcollections">Special Collections Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/taylorranch">Taylor Ranch Library</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/tonyhillerman">Tony Hillerman</option>
    <option value="http://library.cabq.gov/westgate">Westgate Library</option>

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