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Thread: best way to learn/practice?

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    best way to learn/practice?

    Hi, I've been learning CSS on and off for a few months now.

    I have the CSS Manual.. but I can't concentrate on reading it and doing tutorials for too long.

    RIght now I'm trying finding images of sites and trying to recreate the site with CSS.

    I'd like to hear some opinions on what are some good ways to learn and practice CSS.

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    CSS Missing Manual*

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    I think, this mistake by Stylesheet linking file, so please check stylesheet css file link. i hope you will be get solution.

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    chertsey, a small town s.w. of london, england.
    Hi there teawizard,

    and a warm welcome to these forums.

    I would suggest that you join various forums similar to this one, and
    hone your coding skills by attempting to solve members problems.


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    The best and easiest, way to learn CSS (or any computer language) is to think of a project and build it. And the next, and the next. Learn by doing. Like:

    - I'm interested in relativity, so I built a web site about myths and erroneous ideas about it.
    - I'm interested in philosophy, so I built a web site about it.
    - I had an idea about a better form of proportional representation, so I built a web site about it. Etc...

    Each site has gone through many gestations, initially table based, then fixed width divs, now responsive. All the time learning more about how to build sites, as well as finding an outlet for my other interests...

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    The way that I learned is by finding a simple site like this one from Square Space http://aviator-demo.squarespace.com/ and taking it piece by piece top from bottom and rebuilding the site from scratch.

    This site and many other sites from Square Space were built solid and do not require much jQuery or any other fancy programming stuff.

    You should be able to see how their developers build their sites and learn from them.

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    I Learn CSS from W3Schools, that is a good site …
    Btw, what a useful post … I’m goint to delicious it ..

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