I'm am attempting to build a drop down list, that when you select your option from the drop down list, it display's several images on the canvas, or perhaps in a div, that can then be drag/drop activated. And moved to a seperate div/canvas. I've been searching online, and attempting to write myself, and the best I have come up with is a drop down menu that shows images in the drop down list. This isn't what im after.

So a drop down of lets say, various animal types, Dogs/Cats/Frogs
and when you select Dogs from the list, it then adds several images of dogs inside a div or canvas that can then be interacted with. The dog images should be drag/drop able. and when you hover over the dogs, it should reveal information about them. (dog breed / what part of the world its from / life expectancy). I don't want the page to have to click thru to get this effect, but be instant, (so when you select dogs, it instantly fills in the desired area with dog images)

Thanks in advance for any assistance.