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Thread: Why jQuery is so popular?

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    Why jQuery is so popular?

    Dear friends! Please feel free to share your thoughts on the usage of jQuery. What advantages of jQuery you can add to my list?

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    It is so popular because it has a lot of useful features such as Cross-browser Compatibility, Fast & Small Footprint, Short Learning curve & Great Documentation, Tons of Plugins, CSS3 Selectors Compliant, Helpful Utilities, jQuery UI etc.

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    Hi Anna_Kozik
    Behinds the Popularity of jQuery One reason is Content Management Systems and bootstrap libraries which include jQuery by default. More than one fifth of all websites are based on WordPress � most will load it.
    However, despite its success, jQuery receives a fair amount of criticism. It�s not particularly elegant or well-written. It�s tightly integrated with the DOM which can be slow and inefficient. Animation is better handled by CSS3. It doesn�t use or encourage good programming practices such as OOP or MVC.
    jQuery offers the following extras:
    1: Large community of supporters
    2: Plugin Repository
    3: Integration with Microsoft's ASP.NET and VisualStudio
    4: Used by Microsoft, Google and others

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