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Thread: Email collection and database

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    Email collection and database

    I want to add a "sign up for newsletter" button on all my client (20) websites. I offer a proprietary newsletter for a vertical market. The client sites don't yet do email capture.

    BACKGROUND: All the sites use different technology... some are CMS's, some not, all random. Some sites may be 10 years old - who knows. And I am not the web developer for any of these sites and don't wish to be. I am however, the one who will manage email collection and I will execute monthly email campaigns for each client.

    Can you advise on my thinking: to avoid site integration issues, I'm planning to have the sign up tab forward to my server, on which the email collection database would reside. Is this correct? All this needs is a link to me and I get out of hairy site issues. How is this done. Subsequently, I suppose I can export from my database to Constant Contact, Mailchimp or even Excel if necessary. Am I thinking this thru right and what kind of application or preferably off the shelf system should be used, thanx.

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    All you need is code for news letter, which you can put in all the sites and you can track from one place!

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    You can collect or update information though e-mails by using Microsoft Access 2010 with Microsoft Outlook 2010. Access guides you through creating a data collection form and sending the form in an e-mail message. When your e-mail recipients return the completed forms, you can choose to have the collected data automatically processed and stored in a specified Access database. This method of data collection can save you time and effort that is usually involved in a copy and paste or a manual data entry process.

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