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    Dynamic content on website

    Hi, im going to be making a website, i want to have two collums, one on each side with buttons, and when a button is clicked content will appear in the center of the website, idk if its called the content pane or w/e. So if a button is clicked then a youtube video will appear in the center content pane, if another button is clicked an article will appear in the center content pane etc. I do some programming, but web development is not what i normally do, so i dont really know how to go about this or what i should look into, i assume java script can do this from what i know. Any help or pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.


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    An iframe will do what you want. Very quickly:
    <a href="content_file1" target="display">Text or image here</a>
    <a href="content_file2" target="display">Text or image here</a>
    <iframe width="400" height="400" name="display" id="display"></iframe>
    Change to suit your needs.
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