Hello everyone!

I am praying that someone can give me a little guidance with this... I know this is a very, very simple task, but I am completely new to all of this and very, very confused.

Okay, so anyway. What I am trying to do is create a very basic html/javascript form that will appear sort of like this:

Enter Integer Number (0-99):
Enter Real Number (0.0-10.0):
Enter String:

Submit Button

And then if the user inputs everything correctly, the screen will display this:

Integer Number = (whatever number they entered)
Real Number = (whatever number they entered)
String Length = (the number of letters in the word they entered)


But if the user made an error while filling out the form (i.e. whatever they put in the first box isn't an integer from 0-99, or whatever they put in the "Enter String:" box wasn't letters, etc.), then I need to have an error alert box appear.


That's all I need to figure out, and I literally am so lost that I don't even know where to start any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much!!