Hi guys,

I looked all over the internet but i couldnt find it.
Here is my problem:
I'm trying to get an array in a dynamic array. First get a variable from an input. I split the variable. With split it becomes a array.
The "orders" array is the main and stays with the session. And than I try to put the "art_deel" in the "orders" array on the next emty place (with redim preserve)

session("regels") = array()
order = session("regels")
artikel = request.form("artikel")
if artikel="" then
  art_deel = split(artikel,";")
  art_deel5 = art_deel(2) * art_deel(3)
  artikelen = array(art_deel(0),art_deel(1),art_deel(2),art_deel(3))
  new_len = ubound(order) + 1
  redim preserve order(new_len,3)
  orders(new_len) = art_deel()
This is the error I get: The subscript is out of range: 'art_deel'

Please help?!