I own a small pawn shop and as of up to now I buy a lot of items I resell on eBay and amazon. I want to start selling everything on my website. I've looked a little into Google, shopping and product ads and a couple other options.

What I don't like about product ads:
1 major issue is that it seems like product ads were meant for sellers who have a-lot of the same product for sale. For instance I will buy a specific laptop computer, and if I were to list it with product ads, It would list on google however after it is bought the ad will not be disabled until after I manually delete it. Which wastes time and money.

I would like to find a system where I can update some kind of feed or my products, which then get advertised somewhere like search engines and automatically deleted after purchased. I'd like it to be a simple process. I'm not huge into web development or coding, just the basics. If this is possible, I'd like to be pointed in the right direction. I'm not trying to spend a lot on this project so if I could do it myself that would be great.