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Thread: PHP array to JavaScript array?

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    Question PHP array to JavaScript array?


    Q.1 :
    i want to know that how i can set php (array) variable to javascript variable?
    i have a php array like,
    $array = array(1,2,3);
    i know i can set variable by
    var x = <?php echo $array[1]; ?>
    but problem starts from here, that "1" (in above line, $array[ 1 ] wouldn't be always one it may be, 0,1,2.. anything. So how can i do it?

    And Q.2 : Can i copy whole php array to javascript array?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You can use JSON to get the PHP array to a JavaScript array.

    var x = JSON.parse('<?php echo json_encode($array); ?>');
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    Yeah, thanks for answer! However i found it someday ago.. and i am using it. But it is like
    var x = <?php echo json_encode($array) ?>
    and after it i have x[0], x[1] according to $array[0], $array[1].
    Do i need to use json.parse()?
    And is there any other answer for Q.1?

    EDIT: P.S. loved your signature shane.carr
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