This is probably the dumbest question ever.

I am familiar with HTML and do all of my coding that way for my website.

I know nothing about PHP!

My mistake started when I purchased the website that was coded in PHP.

I wanted to change the index page and found that I cannot do it.

So I decided to create a new index page plus some other pages that I wanted (in HTML).

I then tried to link the existing PHP index page but I found that the original index page would not open that way!

For some reason putting the link; index.php, will not render a page.

I noticed that the other links on the new PHP site, had a folder with a / at the end, so I created a new folder and put the index.php file in it.

That does not work either.

So is there no way to combine HTML pages with PHP pages on the same website?

If not, I guess I have to learn something new. Learning new things at my age can be difficult!

Please let me know the best way to handle this and if I do need to create my new pages to add to the website and PHP, is there a good program to do this. It seems like it has to be an online site to render PHP because that has to be done by a server, correct?

I have Dreamweaver but apparently it can not render PHP files on my desktop. I need another program to add to it, it seems.

Please help me because I'm totally lost!

Best regards,


Pieces excuse any errors because this was written with Dragon Naturally Speaking (I only type 15 WPM, otherwise)