Great afternoon Web Developer community. I have been writing in HTML and CSS for awhile now. I keep running into the same problem. Screen resolution for users...The elements will be to close together on some and perfect on my 19 inch. Or there will be spaces in between my footer and left and right sidebar. Naturally I do what any novice does. I hit google for answers. The only thing I EVER got back was, "Use percentiles" instead of width: 250px; use width: 15%; Which it is the right way to POSITION your elements. I want my website to RESIZE its self to the user connecting to my web servers.

I know it can be done. Every single website out there does it. No matter what screen you view the website on it's always the same. Images may be smaller or bigger but not positioned different. Which is what I need. And using percentiles does not do that. Im hoping an actual Dev community for websites will be able to shed some light on this.


I have HTML Basics I, II, and III under my belt.
I have CSS positioning, styling, and editing under my belt.
I run my own web servers using XAMPP.
I code my documents using Adobe Dreamweaver, but I use a blank document and hand right it out.
I have a 19" screen but need it to fit for ALL size screen (Except mobile I will expand my knowledge on that later as that deals with EM's)

Thanks for any help you can give me. I would prefer if you did not just say here go here to this link. I have been to enough link's and am just looking for a straight answer.