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Thread: Time Zone Clock - Local times not displaying

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    Time Zone Clock - Local times not displaying

    I am trying to create a web page that displays the local time at various locations around the world. I have reviewed each line of the code in both the .js document as well as the html document and I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong. Any assistance that can be provided will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Here is the HTML file.

    HTML Code:
    <title>World Clock</title>
    <link href="je.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    <script type="text/javascript" src="zones.js"></script>
    <script type="text/javascript">
       // Creates date object equal to the current date.
       var today = new Date(); 
       //Calculates the offset of current local time from GMT in minutes.
       var offSet = today.getTimezoneOffset()*60*1000;
      // Represents the current time in Greenwich UK.
       var GMT = addTime(today, offSet);
       // Location       City        Offset
       // Place1         Houston     (-360)
       // Place2         London      (0)
       // Place3         New York    (-300)
       // Place4         Seattle     (-480)
       // Place5         Sydney Au   (660)
       // Place6         Tokyo       (540)
       // Calculates the time at the various location around the world
       var time1 = addTime(GMT, (-360)*60*1000);//Houston
       var time2 = addTime(GMT, 0);//London
       var time3 = addTime(GMT, (-300)*60*1000);//New York
       var time4 = addTime(GMT, (-480)*60*1000);//Seattle
       var time5 = addTime(GMT, (660)*60*1000);//Sydney Au
       var time6 = addTime(GMT, (540)*60*1000);//Tokyo
       //Displays the current time at each location in the form element "zones"
       document.zones.place1.value =showTime(time1); // Houston
       document.zones.place2.value = showTime(time2); // London
       document.zones.place3.value = showTime(time3); // New York
       document.zones.place4.value = showTime(time4); // Seattle
       document.zones.place5.value = showTime(time5); // Sydney Au
       document.zones.place6.value = showTime(time6); // Tokyo
    <body onload= "setInterval('worldClock()', 1000)">
    <form id="zones" name="zones" action="">
    <div id="headbar">
       <img src="logo.jpg" alt="Jackson Electronics" />
       <h2>Corporate Headquarters World Clock</h2>
    <div id="timemap">
       <input id="place1" name="place1" size="7"  />
       <input id="place2" name="place2" size="7"  />
       <input id="place3" name="place3" size="7"  />
       <input id="place4" name="place4" size="7"  />
       <input id="place5" name="place5" size="7"  />
       <input id="place6" name="place6" size="7"  />
       <img src="map.jpg" alt="World Map" id="map" />
       <th id="name1">Houston</th>
       <th id="name2">London</th>
       <th id="name3">New York</th>
       <th id="name4">Seattle</th>
       <th id="name5">Sydney</th>
       <th id="name6">Tokyo</th>
       <td id="address3">
          <p><b>Jackson Electronics USA</b><br />
             10010 Park Street<br />
             New York NY 10001<br />
             <b>Phone: </b>(212) 555-1209<br />
             <b>Fax: </b>(212) 555-4001
       <td id="address4">
          <p><b>Jackson Electronics Ltd.</b><br />
             2349 Mitchell Street<br />
             Seattle, WA 65091<br />
             <b>Phone: </b>(381) 555-5499<br />
             <b>Fax: </b>(381) 555-3181
       <td id="address1">
          <p><b>Jackson Electronics Latin America</b><br />
             5150 Shasta Lane<br />
             Houston, TX 32821<br />
             <b>Phone: </b>(817) 555-8190<br />
             <b>Fax: </b>(817) 555-2881
       <td id="address2">
          <p><b>Jackson Electronics Europe</b><br />
             18 Northland Avenue<br />
             London, England WC2N 5EA<br />
             <b>Phone: </b>(+44) 0 870 555 7081<br />
             <b>Fax: </b>(+44) 0 870 555 1788
       <td id="address5">
          <p><b>Jackson Electronics Pacifica</b><br />
             171-105 Thomas Street<br />
             Sydney NSW 2000, Australia<br />
             <b>Phone: </b>(+61) 2 5555 8993<br />
             <b>Fax: </b>(+61) 2 5555 7171
       <td id="address6">
          <p><b>Jackson Electronics Asia</b><br />
             1-2-99 Sumiyoshi<br />
             Hakata-Ku<br />
             Tokyo 140-8781 Japan<br />
             <b>Phone: </b>(+81) 3 5551 7817<br />
             <b>Fax: </b>(+81) 3 5551 2398
    Here is the JavaScript code:

        function addTime(oldTime, milliSeconds){
        var newTime = new Date();// creates a new date object (no date specified).
        var newValue = oldTime.getTime() + milliSeconds; // Extracts the number of milliseconds in "oldTime" and add "milliSeconds" to it. Stores the value in a variable named "newValue".
        newTime = newValue.setTime(); // sets the value of newTime to the value of newValue using the setTime() method.
        return newTime; // returns the new value assigned to newTime.
    // Returns a text string showing the time in 12 hour format.
    function showTime(time){
        var hour = time.getHours;
        var minute = time.getMinutes;
    // Changes hour from 24-hour format to 12-hour format by:
        // 1) Diplays AM or PM depending on time of day.
        var ampm = (hour < 12) ? "AM" : "PM";
        // 2) Subtracts 12 from the hour variable.
        hour = (hour > 12) ? hour - 12 : hour;
        // 3) Changes hour to 12, if it equals 0.
        hour = (hour == 0) ? 12 : hour;
        // Add leading zero to minutes less than 10.
        minute = minute < 10 ? "0" + minute : minute;
        return hour + ":" + minute + " " + ampm;
    As far as I can see there are no syntax errors

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    Forget the local offset, it has no relevance to other timezones.

    Use UTC time methods- for each timezone, add the offset (positive or negative) to the UTC time, then read the UTC properties, and not the local ones, to build your strings.

    (date.setUTCMinutes(date,getUTCMinutes()+offset), date.getUTCDate(), date.getUTCMinutes(), etc.)

    Get the UTCDate and day as well-some zones will be in different calendar days. You also need to have a dst switch on each timezone that uses dst,
    to assign the correct offset for that zone during dst as well as standard time.

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