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Thread: Seeking for help to get the website top in google with in one month

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    Seeking for help to get the website top in google with in one month

    I am getting so many request from many clients requesting that they want their websites to place on top of the search engines within a month. So one of my suggestion for them is to choose long tail keywords with Exact Match Domain (EMD) which will help them higher search engine rankings within a month.Is this correct suggestion or not?I am little bit confused.any one clarify this?
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    I think its not possible for anyone to get ranks on top on search engines in one month atleast it take 1-2 months to get it on top
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    One month is not enough for ranking a website on top in search engine results even you are using long tail keywords because as there are so many updates in Google algorithm which makes ranking on top too hard to be done in a short of time.

    The more important thing you should worry about is traffic/conversion rather than website's ranking.
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    This seems like a contrived question that the answer to is obvious. But in case kpkarthik is genuinely ignorant on this matter, I'll point out what seems blatantly obvious to me... If you choose long, obscure key phrases, of course you will come on the first page or even top of a search, for that EXACT phrase. But is that going to drive traffic to the site? No. Because people rarely input long obscure search phrases!!!

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