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Thread: Problem with Javascript function calling blur() . . .

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    Problem with Javascript function calling blur() . . .

    Ok, the real problem occurs in our Oracle/Forms application calling back to the Internet Explorer 7 browser windows HTML/Javascript function.

    However, I have managed to recreate the problem with 2 simple Internet explorer 7 .htm files. I managed to replace the Oracle form app with "sub.htm" and still have the problem.

    The symptom is that my "main.htm" has 2 simple functions in it. One is called onload in the main.htm. This first function can call blur(), moveto() or close() successfully, but here I have it just calling resize(). It works fine.

    Then there is a link that starts "sub.htm". Its onload calls a function in the parent "main.htm" javascript named resize_me_blur(). The purpose is to move the parent window and blur it to hide it. In this second function, I can resize, moveto or even close the parent window, but the blur() function does nothing to the parent window or anything else.

    I have tried this with IE7 on XP and IE8 on win 7.

    I am new to HTML and Javascript so I figure I am missing the obvious. . .


    <!DOCTYPE html>
    function resize_me(){
    function resize_me_blur(){
    <body onload="resize_me();">
    <h1>My First Heading</h1>
    <a href="c:\personal\html\sub.htm" TARGET="_blank">GoSub</a>

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    function callback(){
    <body onload="callback()";>
    <h1>My sub window</h1>
    <button style="width:100;height:100" onClick="window.close()">GoBack!</button>

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    I don't know that blurring the parent window will actually do anything. Maybe focusing the child would be a better approach?

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