Hello all,

I have just stepped back into helping out Baseball league generate a Umpire Game allocation page.

I'm stuck on one item and I believe I need some JavaScript to make the last segment work.

I would like to post an image but I see it is not possible here.

Let me try and give a picture.

The Umpire enters his name and email address and then looks over the game listing and then can select to do the "Plate" or "Base"

In the Plate selection button I gather the "Date" "Time" and "Division" that the umpire has selected.

What I now would like is to have script to gather the Date Time & Division and POST the results and then the Umpire could "Accept" or "Reset"

Here is the Info
<input type="submit" name=10-Apr-12 /5:30 PM /Pee Wee A value="Plate">

This is what I would like it to look like
Your game selection is:
Date: 10-Apr-12
Time: 5:30 PM
Div: Pee Wee A

'Accept" or "Reset"
The Accept would to a email post.