Ok, so I have two tables. We shall call them dudes and dudes_cars. What I need is to get all the dudes, and if a dude is lucky enough to have a car, get his car too.
Example, say the tables are like this:


Ok, we want to get ALL the 'dudes' no matter what. But we only want to see their car i it was made in 2012. I am currently using a query much like this:
SELECT dudes.dude_id, dudes.dude_name, dudes_cars.car_name FROM dudes LEFT JOIN dudes_cars ON (dudes_cars.owner_dude_id = dudes.dude_id AND dudes_cars.year = 2012);
This gives me all the dudes, even if they dont have a car, but it doesnt seem to check the year.

Also, I apologize for the over use of the word dude, but it was the first work to pop in my head and didnt realize it was as annoying as it is until I was halfway done setting up the example.