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Thread: General questions about troubleshooting, looking up constants, tracking vars

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    General questions about troubleshooting, looking up constants, tracking vars

    i am currently on a job using a large open source shopping cart framework.
    there has been lots of customization done, plugins added etc. so of course there are errors and what not.

    one plugin add-on in particular involved over 160 files! and once added there is now some sort of logic error. here are some questions that come up for me when trying to troubleshoot.

    how can a programmer track down where a constant is being defined?
    and the same with a functions, how can a function be found amongst 100's of files? is it possible to track variables?

    i recently started using Aptana but as of yet don't know how to do the above using it. any advice, help etc. would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    It's been awhile since I used Apatana, so I don't know (or remember) exactly what features it has (had) in that regards. I do know that with Komodo Edit, you can right-click on a function/method call and select the "go to definition" option to open the file where it is defined and move the cursor to that line. I'd be somewhat surprised if Apatana does not have a similar feature.

    (This may not work in all cases, particularly if the relevant code is in a separate directory tree not included as part of the IDE "project" that is currently active.)
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    thanks NogDog. i will research and try to find out. i think there is a user forum for Aptana. i'll post back here in case may help someone.

    i will check out Komodo if Aptana doesn't do that.

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