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Thread: Content optimization tips

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    Content must be unique, niche and most probably useful for the users so that it increases the website traffic..Look for Keyword Density and Keyword usage..

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    Quote Originally Posted by arunshory View Post
    1. Put the Relevant page title to your content.
    2. Put h2 tags in Each page of your content.
    3. You place some rich keyword in content related to your title.
    4. Make your content is long.
    5. Make some interaction and engagement in content.
    6. Build strong internal links.
    Thanks For Pointing Them ... Internal Linking Is More Important As Enhances the user Experiences and trust with Website ...
    Content Should be Unique With Good Title that people used to Search as their Quarries , Also Whole Content Will Follow the Title and Provide best Information What they Look For .. Use graphic or Images in Content to Enhance Readability ...
    Try to Conclude Topic with Both Pros and Cons or Tips ...

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    In the media world, content is still 'king', but relevance is fast becoming 'queen' A primary goal of media companies is to drive engagement between content and audience
    There are some tips to access a unified content:
    1. Seamlessly integrate disparate content and data sources (including databases, digital asset archives & user profile data) and content management systems.
    2. Provide a secure, high-performance data environment that scales incrementally as your requirements grow.
    3. Provide enhanced search with features like predictive type-ahead and disambiguation and guard against user frustration from getting null or inaccurate results. It must provide a personalized experience through optimizing content by audience segment and be able to analyze additional data as it is added or learned.
    4. Offer advanced content analytic capabilities such as entity extraction, key phrases and sentiment analysis, at both the document and the entity level. For example, "I love the new iPad. The resolution is just amazing, but the battery life is too short" shows both positive and negative sentiment in the same statement, so entity level analysis is key for both social engagement and marketing insight.
    5. Analyze behavioral data such as purchase history, user activity and popularity to make relevant recommendations of additional content that might be of interest, as well as compare textual descriptions between content using metadata, topics, genres, concepts or entities and combine them to produce compelling results. Recommendation options should include:

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    Make unique and interesting content with no more than 2-3% keywords stuffing make your content that catchy to reader and easily share by others.

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