I realise php is a server side language and Javascript is clientside
I have an issue
My php code uses
curl to get an xml response from a web api.
simplexml to parse the results

What I "think" I want to do is record the xml data ( it changes every 10 minutes) onto a mysql database so that I have a historical record of data from that web server.
I then want a web page to show a table or one day a visualisation of that data and have the user able to enter various timeframes ( eg, go back to last week)
I assume I'm going to have to build the webpage in jquery or straight js.

My questions are
At what point to I stop working in php and start using the webpage , I'm a bit confused as to how one communicates with the other.
Do I just use a cron job to run the curl script every 10 mins ?
As you can tell I'm very new to all this - can any one recommend tutorials for simple people that show options for doing things once I have my data in a xml object.?