I'm pulling my hair out here and I know that this question has been asked countless times before, but I've tried every one I can find to no avail.

I'm working on a wordpress site and I've got some custom jQuery scripts running. As per usual, everything works beautifully in everything except IE. Anything that happens within jQuery(window).ready(function($) {} fails to run the first time, but will run sometimes when refreshed or in script debug mode. What could possibly be going on here???

Here's what I've done.

  • Moved jQuery(window).ready(function($) {} to the end of the script file
  • Changed jQuery(window).ready(function($) {} to jQuery(function($) {}
  • Checked to make sure that the </script> tag exists at the end of the script declaration in the head
  • Removed an external reference to jQuery to make sure that I'm using the built-in Wordpress version.

Does anybody have any suggestions? My testing site is here (and will probably change throughout the day):