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Thread: [RESOLVED] Weird Browser Scaling Issue

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Weird Browser Scaling Issue

    I am building a site and when I scale the browser inside of 960px (the width of the site) the browser then gets a scroll bar. All is good here, but then when you actually scroll everything is cut off for some reason. Everything in the site has a div tag called "wrap" that is 100% and then the content div is set at 960px. Any idea what is happening here?

    Link to the site: www.andyrichin.com/index.php

    Scale the browser then scroll horizontally and you'll see. Thanks in advance!

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    So I realized by setting the "wrap" div to 960 and not 100% it stops it. However, what other solution is there to keep the black nav bar span the width of the browser?

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    You have a problem with the validation of your HTML 38 errors in the validator, though I think for the most part it is caused by the unclosed <a name tag at the beginning of the body. As for getting the nav more flexible set the width to 98% with margin:auto
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    Thanks I figured it out. I was setting my "wrap" div which was wrapping the content to 100%. I just set it to 980px and it's fine. Thanks tho!

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