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Thread: Scrpt not working very well

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    Scrpt not working very well

    Hello All,
    I am working on this login page. And i have this script. The first part works very well. When I click the username textbox it cleanses it, if it looses focus and its blank the text "Username:" appears again if not it stays with the username.
    The second textbox Password does it if i dont include the propierty "type" bue if i also want to changee this propierty it does it until the second attempt. For both twxtboxes i run this script on click and onblur. for the problematic textbox if i click id does not cleans the text until I exit the textbox it clears it. Any ideas?

    function textboxfunctions(el) {
    var elemento = document.getElementById($(el).attr("id"));

    switch (elemento.id) {
    case 'txtUsername':
    if (elemento.value == 'Username:') {

    elemento.value = '';
    else {
    if (elemento.value == '') {
    elemento.value = 'Username:';
    case 'txtPassword':
    if (elemento.value === 'Password:')
    elemento.type = 'password',
    elemento.value = '';

    if (elemento.value === '')

    elemento.value = 'Password:',
    elemento.type = 'text';





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    I transferred the script to a .js file an now it works fine. Previously I had it in the page code.

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