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Thread: Dynamic text in <h1> tag

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    Dynamic text in <h1> tag

    what would be the impact on SEO of changing the text of the <h1> dynamically on the server side each time the web page loads?

    I'm not talking about changing the whole text, just part of it, for example if the header contains some fixed text (with keywords of course), and also contains the current date or time/the current number of logged on users/the count of items current in stock/whatever.

    how would that affect my ranking? is it bad? doesn't make a difference?


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    H1 just for important heading which contains important keywords.

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    H1 is just for give heading nothing else.

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    I think just use H1 for Heading. Don't try to involve these messy things, they can damage your SEO.

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    I don't think that element you need should be H1, since semantically, H1 is most important heading on a page which can but shouldn't contain anything that isn't of crucial importance like that number of logged in users o time.

    Personally, i would use H1 just for important heading which contains important keywords.

    Otherwise, you can put wanted H1 and perhaps a Paragraph and put them in a DIV altogether for such purpose where paragraph contains content irrelevant to page and still harness the value of a H1 and content you want in virtually the same spot.

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