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Thread: Javascript - Hover rotate image.

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    Javascript - Hover rotate image.


    I am kindda new to the Javascript scene and I am creating a HTML5 website and I have a problem.
    I looked up tutorials on google but could find any results that were close to my problem.

    I have a login button, and I want to make it rotate 360 when someone hovers the image.
    And it should rotate fast.

    Could anyone help me with this problem?

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    Find a tutorial on CSS3 'transition', 'transform' and the 'rotate' function.

    It's easy enough to do, but it isn't supported well in most versions of Internet Explorer. You also want to be extremely cautious about adding unusual visual effects to important user interface elements like a log-in button. When its an important function that involves personal data like their log-in credentials, you want to keep users as comfortable as possible. In most cases, I'd say a twirling log-in button would be a bad idea.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    Thank you, your answer was very helpfull.
    And it isn't actually the button that is going to rotate, i have the button located inside a Circle with holes, i want the circle to rotate, so it looks like it spins.
    But thank you for your answer.

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