HI guys,
I need some help with a javascript math game. The game is in the main content area of my web page.
Im running a javascript that randomly selects 2 numbers and populates 2 divs with the numbers. i.e 1 num per div

Im using the get element by id function to attach the random numbers to h2 tags.
The user enters the answer into a text box and presses check answer button.
A message box displays letting the user know the answer was correct or incorrect.

The game just repeats from here the divs are repopulated with random numbers and so on.

what i want to do is after the user answers the question and clicks the check answer button I want each question and the answer to populate the sidebar.
num1 + num2 = ans
num1 + num2 = ans
num1 + num2 = ans
num1 + num2 = ans

could anybody please tell me how to acomplish this is driving me nuts trying to do it.