Hi webdevelopers,
I have been working extremely hard on my site's SEO and its developments.
- I have build it upon wordpress and have been doing daily blog post (they are all original, keyword embedded, perfectly written with great spelling and grammar)
Since my site has no target related niche, it can cover different subjects and topics. So i have been writing in different topics. How i pick my subjects? It is a community where everyone can post questions and project post. relating to what a community member asks in project daily, i pick a subject to write related to it. So in terms of content am working it.
- book marking and share in other social networks is fully embedded and every project and every post is shared with other social medias and book marking sites, so SMO is highly active
- have registered my RSS feed to many high rank sites
- Have registered in many high ranks directories.
- Have claimed the site in all search engines
- do blog comments respectfully and genuinely with link insertion for possible backlinks
- Yahoo and Ask responses are done daily 1-2 question is answered genuinely.
- Recently posted a press release and am posting it in sites with PR6 and above.

I need help.
I have worked full force for the last 4 month to get a good recognition. So far i have about 198 registrant from around US and Canada, which 56 of them are Pros (small businesses)
I have no budget whatsoever to hire a PR company or even spend on PPC's to advertise in FB or Google so, have been working triple hard to add content and satisfy the search engines.
I need to get viral
Is there anything else I should do, any opinion is welcome. I need to go to the next level and attract an investor. please help.
to view how the site works visit the site http://www.bidsbypros.com