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Thread: Is there any importance of flicker in SEO?

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    Is there any importance of flicker in SEO?

    Hi everyone, kindly help me to find out the solution of this query..

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    Flicker is an image site, I think, so if you have image related site then it is good, you can link to this site as well.

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    Flickr a image sharing site of yahoo. but you can be make backlinks of your site, if your site related to any product or cart then you share these information with image and make backlinks, its so helpful to get traffic on your site because flickr a high PR and popular site.

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    It is good for image based site but don't depend on Flickr only, you should use other method of promotion too!
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    Yes..we can doing image posting and video submission. It is the high page rank domain. It helps to increase the traffic of our websites.

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