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Thread: My First Site

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    My First Site

    Hi Everyone!

    I just published my first web site and I would highly appreciate if someone who has experience in web development could give me some feedback. (loading time, structure etc.)




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    After looking through your source code, I have a couple of minor tidbits you can improve on.
    1. Store your CSS in a separate file. This isn't a problem for users but having the CSS code take up a quarter of your HTML file is inconvenient for you whilst editing. This also includes your table contents. Your style tags within your table take up A LOT of space in your HTML file and would look a lot better in their own file, again, just an inconvenience for yourself, this doesn't affect users.
    2. Your title is awful. The spellings are way off (I understand that this may be for several reasons), especially with the different variants of 'online'. 'On-line games,online fre game,onlin free game' should read something like simply 'Free online games', the swapping of the words is covered in your other meta-data and does not need to be involved in the title as it just makes it look ugly.
    3. The loading time is decent (although having three or four high quality images loading on each page might be slow for some users), the navigation works great and overall the site design could do with some work, but is fairly good for a first time dev!

    Good work!

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    Thx for the feedback Joe!
    I will do the changes soon.

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    Well, good game site, no doubt to it really..

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