I have an html page that displays constantly on a monitor up on a wall. The computer that runs the
browser is in a closet, unattended. Think of it as being like an arrival/departure monitor at the airport.

It has the following metatag:
<meta http-equiv='refresh' content='600;url=http://somedomain.com/somepage.htm'>

which causes the page to reload once every 600 seconds. The html file itself is periodically updated on the server with data changes, by another process which recreates the file and puts it out there in the
same place with the same name. Works great. Data up on the wall, freshened every 600 seconds.

The problem is that anything interferes with being able to get the page, which happens very rarely, I
might get a 404 error or a dns error or whatever. Displaying an error is problematic for this
application - the image needs to display 24x7 but I don't have a human available to deal with problems

What I need to do is somehow check to see if the page is available before I attempt to reload it.
Perfect would be if the reload would check for availability first, then reload the page if it was
available, but if it wasn't available it would continue to display the old page ... then try again in
another 600 seconds.

Any ideas for me?


Steve Jones