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Thread: spreadsheets in html

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    spreadsheets in html

    I need a simple spreadsheet. should look like this.
    Quantity Discription Price Extended Price
    1 Wall Cabinet 199.59 199.59
    Base Cabinet 379.59
    Base w/Drawer 419.59
    Tool Cabinet 499.59
    4 Locker Cabinet 699.59 2798.36
    Discount Total Price 2398.36
    Need to enter quantity, have the extended price calculate and total and discount.

    I've got it working as an exel spreadsheet. How do I get it embedded on my website?

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    Such a shame. If only there was a website out there that knew what information was available online and could help you find things like "website spreadsheet software". They could give it a catchy name like "Ten Duotrigintillion", "Whoopee!" or "Ranier".
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    My website http://torfaenpcrepair.com/ which is in need of a revamp as it was started with the hosts WYSWYG and needs to be converted to a full CSS built site.

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    HTML table without wrangling too many TD's and TR's by hand, you can use a formula to generate the HTML tags for you. The Design Intellection blog describes how to use the=CONCATENATE("text", cell, "text") spreadsheet formula to turn a row of data into an HTML table row. web-based HTML table generator that's a simple, fast solution for small tables; but if your data's already in a spreadsheet and the word "concatenate" doesn't make you want to run screaming, this may be a better way to go.

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