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Thread: Can you Know About tomatometer???

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    Can you Know About tomatometer???

    Hello Friends!!
    i asked you to something about tomatometer. Apple are using this feature. but when i searched about it, i don't find it. so can you help me please find this feature tomatometer (rottentomatoes.com)

    Please help me!!

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    i read it but all in vain. please help to find tomatometer or the code of tomatometer.

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    i read your article jedaisoul but check this link https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/ir...&name=trailers and check the tomatometer

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    I checked out the link, thanks, and the "Tomatometer" is pure HTML/CSS:

    <div class="tomatometer">
    <span class="rt-certified"></span>
    <span class="percent">75<span>%</span></span>
    <div class="tomato-bar">
    <span class="tomato-bar-bg"></span>
    <span class="tomato-bar-progress" style="width:75%"></span>
    <span class="tomato-bar-shadow"></span>

    So it seems it is hard-coded in the web page, not a dynamic link to an info source. However there could be some server-side process involved that is not apparent from the web page. Sorry, that's all I can tell you.

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    Yes you are right. But is there any way alive to use tomatometer like apple???

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    I am not familiar with apple specifics, so I cannot assist further.

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