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Thread: Get search parameters from href url after ?

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    Get search parameters from href url after ?

    Get the search parameters in href url address after the ?. I'm new to jquery so I want to get all the parameters name and value and as many of my links have different names and values I want to get all of them and pass them through ajax to a php page. I'm doing this so i can stay on the same page always.

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    If I understand you correctly you don't need jQuery at all, all you need is:


    For example, If you got to a page at: "http://zap.com/submit.html?z=5&c=HI"

    var z = location.search would set z as


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    in jQuery

    $(function() {
    for(var m=0;m < $('a').length; m++) {
    var orig_val=$('a')[m].href;
    var split_val=orig_val.split('?');
    var split_1=split_val[0];
    $('a')[m].href=split_1; }

    This may work out i guess..

    Thanks & Regards
    Mohammed Ameenulla
    (PHP Developer Zeeways)

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