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Thread: auto scroll on mousemove?

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    auto scroll on mousemove?

    trying to get this to auto scroll when the mouse moves past a certain point.. the #mousepos element constantly updating mouse position works fine but I can't get the scroll to work.. what am I missing? is there a parameter for 'scrollright()' that i am missing

    here's my code:
                    $('#prev').mousemove(function (e){
                        var x = e.pageX - this.offsetLeft;
                        var y = e.pageY - this.offsetTop;
                        if (x>=1200){
                       $('#mousepos').html(x +', '+ y);
       <div id='prev'>
                <td align='center'><img src='mypics/tmp5pic3.jpg' />TITLE</td>
                <td align='center'><img src='mypics/tmp5pic4.jpg' />TITLE</td>
                <td align='center'><img src='mypics/tmp5pic5.jpg' />TITLE</td>
                <td align='center'><img src='mypics/tmp5pic6.jpg' />TITLE</td>
    if have also tried replacing the '$('#prev').scrollRight();' with 'var divscroll=setTimeout(scrolldiv(), 50);' and then adding
    function scrolldiv(){

    but to no avail
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