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    Question adding scrollbar


    I have downloaded a JavaScript lightbox application to use in my website. Everything is already coded and I don't know much about JS so I don't know how to tweak it or even what to look for. The problem is this: My webpage doesn't have a scrollbar itself ('hidden' in CSS) except for a portion in the middle of the page. When a user clicks on one of the images in that page, it uses the JS lightbox application to display the image. The problem here is that I need the scrollbar to be added when the application loads but taken away when it's closed. This is because some of the images are larger and in order to see the bottom of it, the user would need to scroll but cannot as there is no scrollbar in the page.

    I hope this makes sense... can someone please see the following JS code and let me know how to go about adding a scrollbar to this application? The code is here: http://www.huddletogether.com/projec...js/lightbox.js



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    Hi,im a php student.
    im getting a problem with scrollbar.
    i when i print data on my webpage , my data is printing on downside of footer.
    pls help me to put an inside scroll bar. (in php)

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