I am trying to set up a web site in PHP (which is somewhat new to me). On my local machine, it all works just fine. But on the server things don't work OK and I'm not sure why.

My document root is public_html
off of that, I have includes, jpgs and a few other folders. SO, it's

I would like to be able to reference files in the includes folder without a direct path from where it is being referenced.

SO, something like <?php include('includes/xxx.php'); ?>

current I include the absolute path from the document root and that seems to work but it feels clunky. HOWEVER, on the server, this also does not work. On the server, where the documen root is public_html, I have to go ../../incudes/xxx.php, but if the file containing the reference is nested further I would have to have ../../../ etc.

I've tried:


$paths[] = '.';
$paths[] = 'public_html/includes/';
$paths[] = '/jpgs';
$paths[] = get_include_path();

set_include_path(join(PATH_SEPARATOR, $paths));
BUT I still cannot access files in the include folder from any place other than public_html folder.