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Thread: Bounce Rate Increasing

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    Bounce Rate Increasing

    Hope I will get my answer here. My website http://www.zealousweb.co.uk/ has bounce rate 57.14% and it is increasing day by day. Please visit my website and lat me know whether there is problem in content, design or landing page? I will be grateful to you.

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    A bounce occurs when a web siet visitor only views a single page on a websitem, that is the visitor leaves a site without visiting any other pages before a specified session timeout occurs. There is no industry standard minimum or maximum time by which a visitor must leave in order for a bounce to occur. Rather, this is determined by the session timeout of the analytics tracking software.

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    First check whether you have pasted your google analytics code on all the pages of your website. Because if you have just pasted your google analytics code on the home page it will not show accurate results as many people might want to see other pages of your websites. So when they visit other page the time taken by the user to view the domain page is less that might have caused an increased in the bounce rate.
    Also you should add IP filtering where in your company's IP address should be added. What it does is it doesn't track page views from your own company.
    First verify whether your measuring accurately or not

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