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Thread: Seriously Loved to be A Web Developer

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    Seriously Loved to be A Web Developer

    Hi to all webdeveloper.com users, admin and staff,

    I'm Jowett Go and I seriously loved to become a web developer. I recently graduated and had took up BS Mathematics. And though, I love my degree, I found it, just recently, not something I wanted to do my whole life. I am currently a freelancer on one freelancing site as a content writer for websites - eCommerce, blog site, etc. And I am working on this contract where I am the one who is planning and creating the forum - using drupal.

    In this contract, I work with web devs. And I love what they are doing, though I can't see how they do it... everytime I refresh the site, something is changed like the home page's design, scroll bar, a short snip to the forum, etc.

    In connection, I really wanted to be a web developer. But I don't have a single idea where to start and what to learn. Below are summaries to my questions:

    1. I believe a programming language is the basic thing to know, now, what is that basic language I need to know then? HTML, CSS, etc...I've watched some tutorial videos about HTML but really, I don't know how it can be applied in making a website from scratch using just a notepad. So what is the first step I need to learn and do?

    2. Do you know any tutorials out there? Starting from the basics until the pro tutorials?

    3. In my current contract, I have this tool. Is this a tool on how to create a website from scratch?

    4. Also, I was given with a hostgator control panel account and do not have a SINGLE idea on what to do with it. Is this use to make a website as well?

    I hope I am not asking stupid questions. Please understand. I really loved to be a web developer and create websites for a career. Also, let me know if I am asking the correct questions as first steps in becoming a web developer.

    Thanks in advance. Will love to hear from you.
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