ok just so you guys know im not a noob i know what im saying so please no disrespects or anything of the sort and yes i know my typing is horrible.

ok from ever since i remembered i have always been trying to learn that secret to how pro web designers develop such beatiful looking websites. Seeeing that i am naturally a programmer and was never to keen on anything graphic(seriously if u asked me to draw a stick man u would be shocked) i assumed i could not produce this not because i did not know html,css,javascript combination but because i just didnt have that design eye. so i googled and found out that more or less they were actually illaberate grid systems if u will. tried that think i got the hang of it only still my websites did not look very pro they looked better but not top notch. recenly did some more serching anf found out it was faaaaaar deeper than knowing how to float the header, navs ect but the ones that really looked top notch were done first (for a feel of the look) in photo shop then replicated with css and viola the looks.

now keep in mind im not really a designer but this is something i need to learn as my customers are gonna like beauty as well as functinality.

what is like the the pro way you guys really do it?
the process i usually go by now is conceptualise draw some rectangles(i learned the rule of thirds) to define the header,content ect and then mark it up.

is it that you use photoshop to come up with a look or what am so........in need