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Thread: How does you explain domain age?

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    Sep 2012

    How does you explain domain age?

    What is Domain age and is it really matters for ranking in Google?

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    Mar 2013
    Of course, domain age is very important in SEO.

    Domain age is all about how aged your domain age is..

    If you registered a domain name in 2008 then in 2013 it has 5 years age..

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    Apr 2013
    Yes, Domain Age really matters somehow SEO. As a long living website can get better results over the period of time, while a new website might not get that amount of trustworthiness.
    But I have still seen bloggers who have their site for just 4-5 months and are doing better than those who have been active since 4-5 years. So keep writing quality content and perform good seo and you will see the results very early.

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    Mar 2013
    It is an important factor in Page Rank, the more your site is old more you have trust from search engine

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    Nov 2011
    Domain age is important in SEO, but your content is not good means no improves in page rank. Content and backlinks are good one that longer domain age website definitely improves ranking in Google. You find domain age to go through whois.net and find them.

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    Feb 2013
    Domain age is helpful in SEO, longer the age of your domain name, higher the benefit you would get from SEO, no doubt to it really!
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    Apr 2013
    Domain age refers to the length of time that a website has been registered and active. Domain age conveys trust to website visitors and to the search engines.

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    Feb 2013
    Mississauga, Canada
    One of the many factors in Google's search engine algorithm is the age of a domain name. In a small way, the age of a domain gives the appearance of longevity and therefore a higher relevancy score in Google.

    The age of the website is built up of how long the content has been actually on the web, how long the site has been in promotion, and even the last time content was updated. The length of time a domain has been registered is measured by not only the actual date the domain was registered, but also how long it is registered for. Some domains only register for a year at a time, while others are registered for two, five, or even ten years.
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    Domain age is also one of the factor to rank high in search engine and this is calculated from when domain was register first time to till date or year. Search engine specially Google gives preference to old domain name in ranking because this domain create trust on search engine because of the age. But remember this is not only the factor for ranking high in search engine.

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    Apr 2013
    Domain Age is very important when it comes to marketing and SEO, regular people doesn’t pay much attention for this but when it comes to SEO and marketers it plays a vital role specially when it comes to placing links on the site. The older the domain, the better it is and much stable. Domain age is a factor in determining Google rankings, and a part of our SEO. Sites are significantly devalued for the first few months after Google first discovers them. It is extremely challenging to rank well for competitive terms in those first few months. In fact, some SEO professionals simply won’t work with brand new domains. According to Google’s Matt Cutts, the difference between a domain that’s 6 months old and 12 months old is very small.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Smith View Post
    What is Domain age and is it really matters for ranking in Google?
    The Age of your website domain name is domain name age.Yes Domain Name age is very important in Page Rank.If your Domain name age is high .It will get high rank in GOOGLE and Other Search engines.Domain name age calculated by Domain name creation date and expiration date.So domain name age plays a vital role in SEO.You can check Domain name age using the site Whoisxy.com it shows Domain name creation and expiration details,domain name owner details etc.

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    Jan 2013
    Domain age is also help to increasing traffic if it is old then more beneficial ..
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    Mar 2013
    Domain age decides the sites age and traffic gets more and more as google consider it as a value able and informative sides..!

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    Feb 2014
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    Definitely Domain age is very important in SEO as Google checks how trustworthy this website is, sometimes Google algorithm checks with its calculations and sometimes they check manually as well. So it is very important to increase worth of your domain by writing good content.

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    I don't agree with other guys. Domain age is not a matter now. Only high quality content and niche related backlink can bring more than PR 5 within three month. Believe it or not but I am telling from my practical experience.

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