im trying to use a jquery form validation, and i want the validating text to be arabic.

the problem is that when i change that phrase in the .js file, it shows squares instead of arabic letters.

this is my js file:

// Place ID's of all required fields here.
required = ["name", "email", "country", "message",];
// If using an ID other than #email or #error then replace it here
email = $("#email");
errornotice = $("#error");
// The text to show up within a field when it is incorrect
emptyerror = "Please fill out this field.";
emailerror = "Please enter a valid e-mail.";

so i want to change the last two lines "please fill..." and "please enter..." to arabic.

and i already tried adding this code: charset=UTF-8 to the head, it still didnt work

any ideas how to fix that??